I cosplay and draw sometimes. Scratch that. ALL THE TIME. RIGHT NOW. You think this is how i normally dress? nope. im in cosplay at this very second. i will secretly cosplay at my wedding AND my funeral. ill cosplay till i die. #getonmylevelbitch
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White people asking me questions about my turban (part 2)

Why his white dude bro voice on point tho. Lmao.


brojohn otp

bro strider - rump-roast


gender witch, im about to go to battle. i need your strongest gender.
My genders are too strong for you traveller.
gender witch i plan on being gay. i need your strongest gender
My genders would kill a dragon let alone a man. you need to find a witch that sells weaker gender



The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed


When the bae texts you first 


you’ve had your say, potion seller, and I’ll have mine:


you’re a rascal


Cosplayers of Sacanime Sunday! (Part 2)

Please let me know your url if you see yourself so I may credit you! ouo

Ishimaru: babydaves


So sacanime was hella freaking awesome

I’m all about that con life.

Part 2

Anonymous asked: ahh you're really cute eyebrow game strong h aha

Thank you! But it only looks strong in that picture. Its pretty weak, theyre just really thick

Large post compared to day 1.
I got a lot of pictures yay (if any of these people you feel free to tag yourself or something.)

Part 1

Anonymous asked: oo what do you look like with absolutely no make up or face paint? :3


I didnt think this would ever come in handy but HERE!

Anonymous asked: was looking through the other page and adfg;df how long is your tongue? omg.